Alias System

Since earlydev-0.2.0

Note: (Bukkit JavaDoc) Due to the client changes, if the sender is a player, the TabCompleteEvent will only begin to fire once command arguments are specified, not commands themselves. That cause the command name tab complete feature not works in client side

The alias system allows execute multi commands in one step

Incompatible with alias feature of CMI plugin, edit management/config.yml to disable Alias System


Add in management/alias.yml

example:  # Command name
  permission: general.alias.example-alias  # Leave blank for none-permission dependency
  # DEFAULT - Running as the alias command sender
  # OPERATOR - Running with a wrapped CommandSender with operator level and all permission
  # CONSOLE - Running as console
  run-level: DEFAULT
   - "say %1"  # %1 - The first argument
   - "say %2"  # %2 - The second argument

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