Chat Filter

Since earlydev-0.4.0


replacement-text: "*"
convert-leet: false # Unusable
ignore-numbers: false # Replace all numbers before detection
ignore-symbols: false # Replace all symbols before detection
ignore-blanks: false  # Replace all blanks before detection
  vanilla: true  # /me /tell /msg /say

use-banned-words: false
  - "fuck"

use-regex: false
  - ""

replacement-text Replace the detected words

convert-leet Convert leet text as normal text, currently unavailable

ignore-numbers Ignore all numbers in detections

ignore-symbols Ignore all symbols in detections

ignore-blanks Ignore all blanks (including lines) in detections

including-messaging-commands Adding messaging commands to detections

use-banned-words Use word list to detect

banned-words The word list to use

use-regex Use regex to detect

regex The regex list to use, too much regex can result in high resource usage and even message sending delays

Messaging Commands

vanilla me, tell, msg, say

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